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To disclose the process that was historically and statistically right and common sense to use in money management, encouraging Savers to get rid of their irrational fear of volatile markets and to pursue strategies that, with consistent costs, reduce risks and recover financial market performances.


Warren Buffet - Berkshire Hathaway - Fundamental Long Term Active Manager Jack
Bogle - Founder of Vanguard - Quantitative Manager - Pioneer of Passive Asset Allocation Funds The former

wrote in his will that his wife, upon his death, will have to invest the immense fortune (accumulated by actively managing) ... in Asset Allocation actively built with passive funds Vanguard!



We all want to invest our savings well, sensibly and profitably, obviously avoiding disappointment.

But normally you are afraid of not succeeding, of not reaching your necessary financial goals (which are anything but the search for the maximum possible return in the shortest possible time!). To do this, you should seek, as is done for every professional area, a competent, precise, transparent guide with low costs ... but in the end we rely on the well-known financial intermediary-brand, on the usual bank for little knowledge of the subject and poor evaluation skills of any professionals in the sector.

Presenting a financially robust methodology and clear statistical results could overcome bias.

Also because, unfortunately, "not investing is not an option": the years that pass inevitably lead to the loss of purchasing power to one's savings due to inflation.

There are statistics that can show us what the medium / long-term financial performance and return mechanisms are: it is on this data that simple, robust and consistently profitable portfolio models can be built.



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